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Jersey de duende con capucha

Oslo-anorakken / The Oslo Anorak

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This Fall has actually been pretty long (usually Winter is here by now). We´re happy as we´ve been able to use this super anorak as outer wear up until now. We´ve been inspired by the classical Norwegian Anorak, but made it a bit more urban and colourful (and somewhat less windproof;)) The Oslo Anorak is a unisex model with a perfectly fitted hood. We´ve made lots of colourful kits too, the colours make you want to smile.

Raglan decrease
Place all parts onto the same circular needles = 132 s.
Start the row from the beginning of the front piece. Knit 1 row, and PM in all transitions between sleeves and the body piece (4 in total, the last at the end of the row). Cast on 6 new stitches after the last marker. ALWAYS purl the s right after the last marker from the right side to make a visible border for the front band. The new stitches will make the front band.
Purl 1 row, and continue knitting back and forth.

Start the reaglan decrease, alternate row 1 and 2 from the right side, and knit all s from the wrong side.)
!!! NOTE: Just leave the marker in the middle back, and do not decrease here, this is for the hood later on!!!
NOTE: Knit a button hole after about 1.2” and every 1.2”  3 (3) 4 (4) 5  in total.
Knit the button hole like this:
Knit until 3 s remains on a row from the right side, YO, K2tog, K1.

Decreasing row 1:
K2, K2tog *Knit until you are 4 s away from the next marker, SSK, K4, K2tog*
Repeat from * to * until 4 s remains before the last marker.
SSK, K2, P1, knit the rest of the s.

Decreasing row 2:

Knit until you are 2 s past the marker on the first sleeve, K2tog, knit until you are 4 s away from the next m, SSK.
Repeat on the other sleeve.

After 13 rows of decreasing in total, repeat decreasing row 1 once more = 50 s.

Knit 6 rows.
Cast off the first stitches on the front piece, leaving 6 s before the first marker.

Drop all markers except the one in the middle back. (Stop purling the one s by the last marker here):

The remaining 36 s makes the hood.
Increase in the middle back on every row from the right side like this:
Knit until 1 s remains before the marker, M1R (increase 1).
K2, M1L (increase 1).

When you have increased on 8 rows in total = 51 s, continue knitting in garter stitch.
Assemble with kitcheners stitch at the top then the hood is about 7”.

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