lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Curitas decorados

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I know. This is a little bit crazy … But if you got some time on your hands and feel like making a quick and simple craft, well then this could be fun. My kids are big fans of patches/Band-Aids (I think perhaps many parents can recognize this phenomenon). It really doesn’t matter if there’s any blood involved or not, if you got hurt you need a patch. It kind of makes the pain all better. ;-)
You will need: Fabric Band-Aids, double sided adhesive tape, pieces of cloth and a pair of scissors.

Cover the front of the Band-Aid with double sided adhesive tape. Place your fabric scrap on top. Cut around the edges. Your done!  
Note: I suspect that these patches are best suited for small cuts or injuries that do not bleed (like a bruised nail ;-) ) since the probably don’t “breathe” as well considering the adhesive tape. 

I found inspiration for this craft at The Pink Couch.

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