sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Camiseta a paneles

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I began with a pattern I’ve used before (indeed, one I’ve used to reconstruct a shirt before), McCalls M4872.   I did manage to make a few alterations to the basic pattern.

For one, I added the side panels- which completely threw off sewing on the sleeves.  See, these sleeves are raglan , and usually when sewing ranglan sleeves you stitch them to the shirt’s front and back at the shoulder seams, then run a single seam all the way up the arm and down the side of the body all at once.  Alas, the panels turned one side seam on the body into two.  As such, I abandonded the pattern instructions oh, one or two steps in and didn’t pick them up again until I hit the neckband.

Here’s the thing about those side panels, though: most men’s t-shirts aren’t actually that stretchy.  Adding some stretchy fabric into the mix (in this case, a yellow microrib from denverfabrics.com)? Really helps with the whole “comfortable curve hugging” thing, and is certainly worth it if you don’t want your shirt to have much positive ease… even if you do have to ignore the pattern instructions for a while.

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