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Faja cubre pantalones

"hip" cover up for girls

I think these are a brilliant idea. They're perfect for hiding underwear and muffin tops that are often visible with today's lose-rise jeans, without having to wear a t-shirt or tank. Unfortunately, these hip cover ups are for grown woman. Anyone with a tween daughter will know that younger girls could use this too. Why, oh why do clothing companies make low rise or ultra low rise pants for little girls? Sheesh! I didn’t want my sweetie showing the world her underwear every time she bent over so I decided to make one just for her.

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"Hip" Cover Up Tutorial


*You will need a stretchy knit fabric. You can find this in the apparel section of your craft store or next to the dancewear fabric. I think I got mine for $3.99 a yard. I only bought half a yard and still had a ton left over.

*Stretchy sequins or lace (optional). My daughter wanted to make her cover up a bit snazzy so we also bought some stretchy sequin trim. You can also purchase stretch lace. The stretch part is really important. Regular lace and sequins will not work. The lace or sequins need to be able to expand over your child’s hips.

*Matching thread and sewing machine

Step One: Measure your child’s waist. My daughter’s waist was 23 inches. Then cut your fabric how tall you would like it. I used a good 10 inches. So my measurements were 23 inches by 10 inches.

Step Two: Cut your stretch lace or sequins one inch longer than your child’s waist measurement. I cut mine at 24 inches since my daughter's waist measurement was 23 inches. You can skip this step if you are not interested in adding this.

Step Three: Sew the two short sides together. I used my serger, but you can use a sewing machine. Be sure to use the appropriate needle for knit fabric.

Step Four: I left the top of the cover alone since it is a knit and will not fray. It may roll down a bit, but should be just fine left alone. You can fold it over and hem it if you like.

Step Five: Roll the bottom of the cover up ¼ to ½ inch (whatever you prefer) twice to make a nice hem. Pin in place. This is where you will attach your stretch lace or sequins so pin them down too, overlapping and tucking them in so you don't see the ends.

Step Six: With coordinating thread sew the hem and lace/sequins down.

Now layer it under a favorite tee. One simple cover up.

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