martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Manchas de rotulador

From clothing and pretty much everything else: hand sanitizer
and if that doesn’t work…
From painted walls: toothpaste or hairspray (hairspray works best but will begin to remove paint if you have to scrub hard) or my best friend, Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser.
From carpet: white vinegar, pour on area and cover with a towel, gently blot with towel, do not rub (courtesy of @stayathomebabe)
From wood cabinets: rubbing alcohol
From a stove: white vinegar
From a wood floor: took lots of work but I used rubbing alcohol to take out most of it, then tea tree oil took out more, then toothpaste got the last of it out.
From a 3 year-old: tea tree oil worked instantly and is non-toxic so I was able to use it to remove the marker on his face (he drew “tiger eyebrows” of course).

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