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Camiseta con flores (o firework)

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Step Three- Loading Up The Fireworks

Using a Sharpie marker, make a circle of dots spaced evenly around the quarter or bottle cap. You don't have to use the coin or bottle cap but it gives you an idea of about how big to make your circle.

The circles can be slightly larger, but only slightly, as well as a good bit smaller. You'll figure it out in a flash after the next step.

Don't be skimpy with the ink but rather get your dots nice and juiced up with Sharpie ink. Instead of trying to draw little circles, you can dot out your initial circle and then go back over each dot with the marker by tapping it in the same place to increase the size and amount of ink. Or hold your marker in one spot for a couple of seconds.

Step Four- Making the Magic Happen

Using the eye dropper, drip several drops of rubbing alcohol into the center of your circle of dots. Just like when you splop food on your favorite blouse, the rubbing alcohol will expand and spread through the fiber of the T-Shirt. As it absorbs into the fabric and passes over your dots it will pick up the ink and carry it outward. Just like with your favorite, most expensive blouse. The final size of the fireworks burst is determined by a couple of things: how much ink (and to a lesser degree the color) you loaded your dots with, and how much rubbing alcohol you drip into the center. That means that the more alcohol you add, the further it will travel but keep in mind that there is ultimately a finite limit to its expansion.
Fireworks Do You Have?

Here are some of the different ways you can make your fireworks.

A simple circle of dots, many or a few, as demonstrated above.

Evenly spaced dots of one color with dots of another color in between.

"Side-shooters". Add dots to only a portion of each side of the circle so that they look like the fireworks that shoot out the sides.

Another variation of the side-shooter.
This side-shooter  (orange burst) had accent dots added afterwards.

Spiral fireworks.

Crackler fireworks. Sometimes you'll see the fireworks that sparkle and crackle all over the place when they detonate instead of big bursts shooting out from the center. Make your circles by tapping in dots around the perimeter instead of the more solid dots. You can add other colors.
Step Six- Adding The Shazaam

You can use a Sharpie to fill in sparkle  and Shazaam bursts for accents.

Once your shirt has dried a bit, use a yellow-ish marker to make little stars and sparkles.

You can add dotted lines or other accent elements to the fireworks also.

Don't add rubbing alcohol to these accent marks.

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