viernes, 31 de agosto de 2012

Poner pelo a amigurumi (mejor)

Amigurumi Hair Tutorial

Whilst making Rene the Wekeshi Doll the other week, I decided to take pictures of the process used to attach her hair, as in the past people have asked me how it's done. So here's a little tutorial on how it's done...

1. Insert crochet hook into one of the ‘holes’ in the dolls head, and out of another straight above it

2. Fold a piece of yarn in half and loop it over the hook

3. Pull the yarn through the holes, but not all the way through

4. Pull your yarn over the hook and pull through the loop

5. One strand done!

That's how I attach the strands of yarn to make the hair, and this is how I build it up...

I usually start with the hair line, so that way all you have to do is fill in the space

Start at the bottom of the hair line, round the back. In the first few rows I usually just apply hair strands to every other hole, and also every other row of holes too. It looks abit sparse, but it gets thicker as you go on, I promise!

When you get to the crown of the head, or where the fringe outline is in line with the rows you’ve just been doing, you’ll need to start applying hair strands to every stitch in every row. This way the hair will be nice and thick on top and cover the scalp

This is what it looks like after one complete row round. Continue for the rest of the head

And you’re done! Now you can either cut the hair to any style you like, tie it up in a pony tail or bunches etc, or leave it as it is.

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