jueves, 19 de julio de 2012

Tunica para chico

So, from the last post you know how to make a simple tunic (or scrubs) pattern. It will not change much, and you can use the pattern you already made. Cut out a front and a back and the sleeves. Now, draw on your pattern how thick and long you want the yoke (bib looking part on the front) to be. Be mindful that you are drawing just half of the yoke.

Visto en http://totallytutorials.blogspot.com.es/2011/09/tutorial-how-to-make-childs-tunic-with.html 
Con tutorial en  http://showtellshare.blogspot.com.es/2011/07/make-tunic-with-yoke.html
Y patron en http://showtellshare.blogspot.com.es/2011/07/make-your-own-pattern-for-simple-tunic.html

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